Monday, August 24, 2020

"Everyone belongs" - Inclusion defined


In our survey to the community asking about disability supports, we asked: What does inclusion mean to you?


Your responses follow. You can still take the surveys, and share your thoughts, here:

  • Survey: DD Long-Term Supports,

  • Survey: Early Learning and K-12 Education,


We will use your feedback to share with leaders and boost awareness of developmental disability


Inclusion is ... (Responses from community survey on DD long-term supports)

"The freedom to go out into the community with proper supervision to engage in 'normal' activities."

"Equitable opportunities for *all* to have meaningful lives, as they so choose. It is representation, having a voice, and being seen. It is ease of access, the dismantling of systemic barriers, and a world in which no one is an afterthought."

"Access and privileges that are granted to nondisabled."

"Equity in participation in community life."

"To be included in and given same rights and benefits as those who does not have different abilities."

"Everyone is invited, everyone feels welcome, AND no one experiences a barrier to participation."

"School. Work. Specialized Programs. Health. Mental Supports. Family."

"All individuals are able to participate in all aspects of life they desire."

"That I am treated like everyone else. I’m treated as a person first before my disability."

"Being included into the community, being able to participate like everyone else."

"Ability to go freely in community."

"Support to be included in every aspect of the community; not feeling excluded or unwelcome."

"To me it means the person has individual choices about their lives and the supports and services to ensure that person can participate and live how they choose."

"It means that people with DD can choose where they want to go, where they want to live, who they want to spend social time with, who they want to do activities with and that nobody can restrict their choice."

"Acceptance. Student receiving enough supports to make education accessible to them alongside their non disabled peers."

Everyone gets the same opportunity.

Being a valued member of the community who has opportunity to effectively contribute to the overall wellbeing of self, others and the community as a whole.

The ability for my son to be out in public and engage with people who don't have differences.

Disability exists because we don't recognize and accommodate fellow humans.

Being independent.

A community where all are accepted without regard to ability, or skin color or any other difference.

Support for participation in any activity supported with federal, state, and local dollars (i.e. library, city and county events, access for physical disabilities, shorter queues).

Not being excluded for any reason.

Accepting and allowing differences.

A full life — safe housing, employment, recreation— lived in the community. Acceptance and support.

That my son is included in all areas of the human experience and society. That his needs are centered and not an after thought or not included at all.

Adapt community policies to provide living and employment supports to allow all individuals to fully participate within their communities.

That my son is included in all areas of the human experience and society. That his needs are centered and not an after thought or not included at all.

Ability to participate in daily activities enjoyed by those without disabilities.

Living a life where my son knows he is of equal value and has equal opportunity to live, work, and recreate in his community.

Everyone belongs to our society.

That our communities and the institutions that serve them are set up according to principles of universal design in a way that provides people of all abilities with full access and encourages their full and equitable participation in the community 

The opportunity for individuals with disabilities to participate in community activities that they are reasonably able to and desire, with reasonable accommodation and support provided by public and private organizations and monies. This includes not only activities but medical and mental health support so that individuals with disabilities are able to lives that are physically and mentally healthy.

They shall have high self esteem and recognize and be recognized for who they are and their contributions. Education for the public in general as well as service providers. Public/private partnership to achieve these goals.

Equality and accessibility.

It means I can work, pay taxes, pay rent and learn to live independently.

Inclusion mean having activities that are welcoming for all people and universally designed programs and spaces that remove barriers to participation.

Inclusion means not missing out on the riches of life, in community, because of our disabilities.

(Responses as of August 24, 2020.)