DD 101

What you need to know

Supported Living staff and client from The Arc of King County.

Like everyone, individuals diagnosed with a developmental delay or disorder have a range of abilities and endless potential. At The Arc, we have a saying: “What we want for ourselves, we want for everyone.” We want stable housing and access to health-care, transportation and education. We want to develop friendships and life skills.

Unfortunately, our  community remains isolated. Just a generation ago, parents were advised to put children with developmental disabilities into institutions. Today, parents struggle to find inclusive child care, recreation and learning opportunities.

We face sobering facts: People with developmental disabilities are at greater risk for abuse, neglect, and financial exploitation—not to mention violation of their legal and human rights.

Our community encounters discrimination in the provision of critical services. A substantial portion do not have access to appropriate support and remain unserved or underserved.

But at the same time, our community is championed by activists, and our partners in  state and county agencies are committed to supporting individuals with developmental disabilities and their families in ways that to lead full, integrated, and productive lives.