Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Disabled people are ...

Video project asks disabled people to call out their disability pride

You can contribute! Videos are due July 20

So many people – parents, doctors, teachers, therapists, strangers
define what disability means. Shouldn't disabled people define it? This is Disability Pride Month, advocate Tatum Tricarico is asking people to respond to the statement:  “Disabled people are…”.  

Some examples:

  • “Disabled people are… creative because we find unique ways to make the world accessible to us.”

  • “Disabled people are… worthy of inclusion and love in their communities.” 

  • “Disabled people are… fun because we love to dance.”

Anything that gives you pride in your disabled identity is fair game!

Tatum Tricarico, is a lead on the Ed Roberts Video Project.

She will combine submitted individual videos into one video that will be posted on ADA Day, July 26th

(ADA = Americans with Disabilities Act)

Here is how to participate:

  1. Record a video vertical (upright/tall on your phone or tablet) finishing the sentence “Disabled people are….” with whatever you’re proud about that we are!

  2. Make sure it is 10 seconds or less (short and sweet!)

  3. Send Tatum the video by July 20th (by email to or text to 858776654)

 Questions about this project can be sent to: