Tuesday, October 6, 2020

King County Child Care Financial Assistance Program

From Child Care Resources:

Child Care Resources is pleased to announce our partnership with the King County CARES Act Child Care Financial Assistance Program, which is offering child care subsidies from September 2020 - December 2020.

King County CARES Child Care Financial Assistance Program will allow families to access up to four months of child care financial assistance. For families that were already in childcare in September, this program will be able to backdate as of 9/1/2020. Unlike the Homeless Child Care Subsidy Program, families do not need to be experiencing housing instability in order to utilize this funding. Additionally, we will be able to assist families with co-pays for Working Connections, CCAP, or Seattle Parks and Rec through this program.

For families may be eligible if:

  1. The child is aged 0-12 
  2. They live or work in King County
  3. Their income falls under 400% FPL
  4. The families income, work schedule or access to childcare has been negatively impacted by COVD-19, or
    Parent(s)/Caregivers are essential workers

To complete an application and determine eligibility families can:

For more information please refer to the attached flyers and information sheet.

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