Sunday, February 4, 2018

Housing bills we are tracking in 2018

Now until February 14 is a critical time to act

A bill is a draft of a proposed law. These bills have cleared the initial policy committee hurdles; some still need to clear fiscal committees. Once these hurdles are met, a Rules Committee will decide when and whether to present them to the full chamber for a vote.

If you see a bill you care about, please contact your legislators. You can click on the “Comment on” links here, or call the Legislative Hotline at 1.800.562.6000.

For TTY-ASSISTANCE: 1.800.833.6384 (voice) or 1.800.833.6388 (TTY).

HB 1570 - Concerning access to homeless housing and assistance
SPONSORS: Macri, Robinson, McBride, Kagi, Sawyer, Tharinger, Doglio, Pollet, Ortiz-Self, Chapman, Cody, Jinkins, Bergquist, Hudgins, Peterson, Senn, Stonier, Riccelli, Frame, Gregerson, Dolan, Tarleton, Ormsby, Ryu, Fey, Fitzgibbon, Goodman, Slatter, Pettigrew, Kloba, Orwall, Appleton, Clibborn, Farrell, Stanford

Makes the temporary $40 local homeless housing and assistance surcharge permanent. Allows counties to charge and retain an additional surcharge for homeless housing and assistance. Creates new and updated reporting requirements and studies for certain homeless assistance programs.

STATUS: Passed the House, 51-47 (updated Feb. 9)

HB 2345 - Concerning group training homes
SPONSOR: Kilduff

The requirement that group training homes be operated on a nonprofit basis is removed. The requirement that special eligibility and payment provisions for group training homes where parents are actively involved as a member of the board of the group training home is also removed. If there is a group training home board, parents or family members may request to be involved as members of the board.

STATUS: In Rules for review

HB 2448 - Increasing the availability of housing for developmentally disabled persons

SPONSORS: Senn, Tharinger, Chapman, Kilduff, Macri, Robinson, Appleton, Kloba, Pollet, Santos, Tarleton

Facilitates the gifting of homes to supported living agencies by exempting the qualified transfers of residential property by the legal representative of a person with developmental disabilities from the real estate excise tax. It also makes remodeling and improvements required for legal operations or to meet building code, meet licensing requirements, or provide functionality to the transferred residential properties eligible for Housing Trust Fund monies.

NOTE: Advocates are seeking a technical change that will need to be made in the Senate.

STATUS: Passed the House, 94-0, with 4 excused. Not yet scheduled in Senate.

HB 2381 - Allowing certain adult family homes to increase capacity to eight beds

SPONSORS: Macri, Cody, Tarleton, Santos, Johnson, McBride, Muri, Tharinger, Robinson, Valdez, Stanford, Reeves, Appleton, Harris, Stonier

Allows adult family homes to increase their bed capacity from six to eight beds if they meet specified licensing standards.

STATUS: In Rules. (Updated Feb. 9)

HB 2437 - Encouraging investments in affordable and supportive housing
SPONSORS: Robinson, Tharinger, Macri, Ryu, Kagi, Pollet, Ormsby, Doglio, Santos, Tarleton

Gives counties the ability to redirect a portion of the sales tax that would otherwise go to the state, to use for affordable homes in their communities. If counties don’t use this option within a certain period, then cities can use the option instead. The bill redirects a portion of the sales tax; it doesn’t increase the tax that consumers pay. It can be used to create new affordable homes or to provide rental assistance to low-income tenants.

STATUS: On House calendar for a floor vote ("second reading") (Updated Feb. 9)

HB 2667 - Concerning eligibility for the essential needs and housing support and the aged, blind, or disabled assistance programs
SPONSORS: Macri, McBride, Ormsby, Stanford, Senn, Stonier, Kloba, Jinkins, Gregerson, Appleton, Ortiz-Self, Wylie, Doglio, Pollet, Slatter, Fey, Goodman, Santos

Expands eligibility for referrals to the Housing and Essential Needs Referral program (HEN) to include recipients of the Aged, Blind, or Disabled cash assistance program. Requires information sharing of limited recipient data between the Department of Social and Health Services, the Department of Commerce, and HEN providers.

STATUS: Passed House 88-10. (Updated Feb. 9)

A companion bill, SB 6502 (Sponsors: Dhingra, Darneille, Kuderer, SaldaƱa) is scheduled for a hearing in Ways and Means on Feb. 5 Comment on SB 6502 

SB 5182 - Providing local governments with options to preserve affordable housing in their communities
SPONSORS: Fain, Frockt, Miloscia, Liias, Walsh, Cleveland, Bailey, Chase, Zeiger, Rolfes, Keiser, Darneille, Palumbo, Pedersen, Conway

Allows a city or county to adopt a property tax exemption program to preserve affordable housing for very low-income households. To qualify for this exemption, a minimum of 25 percent of units in a multiple-unit property must be affordable, and in return the property is exempt from local property taxes for 15 consecutive years.

STATUS: On Senate calendar for a floor vote ("second reading") (Updated Feb. 9)

SB 5407 - Concerning the preservation of housing options for tenants

SPONSORS: Frockt, Miloscia, Walsh, Mullet, Billig, Kuderer, Pedersen, Hasegawa, Darneille, Keiser

Prohibits landlords from refusing to rent property, expel tenants, discriminate, or discourage a rental to a tenant based on their source of income. Creates a landlord mitigation program in the Department of Commerce allowing landlords to seek reimbursement for repairs of documented damages to qualifying rental units.

STATUS: On Senate calendar for a floor vote ("second reading") (Updated Feb. 9)

NOTE: A companion bill in the House (HB 1633) has not moved this session, but passed out of committee last year 

- Ramona Hattendorf, Director of Advocacy
The Arc of King County