Sunday, February 4, 2018

Disability rights and protection bills we are tracking in 2018

Now until February 14 is a critical time to act!

A bill is a draft of a proposed law. These bills have cleared the initial policy committee hurdles; some still need to clear fiscal committees. Once these hurdles are met, a Rules Committee will decide when and whether to present them to the full chamber for a vote.

If you see a bill you care about, please contact your legislators. You can click on the “Comment on” links here, or call the Legislative Hotline at 1.800.562.6000.

For TTY-ASSISTANCE: 1.800.833.6384 (voice) or 1.800.833.6388 (TTY).


HB 1239 - Concerning requests for medical records to support an application for social security benefits
SPONSORS: Sullivan

Requires health care facilities, providers, and insurance issuers to provide, upon request, one free copy of a person's health care information if the person is appealing the denial of federal Supplemental Security Income or Social Security disability benefits.

STATUS: Passed House 91-5 with 2 excused. Passed the Senate 40-9. Governor signed March 15. 

HB 1263 - Concerning powered automatic doors in buildings accessible to the public
SPONSORS: McBride, Riccelli, Peterson, Dolan

Requires at least one exterior door at accessible public entrances in certain state building code groups to be: (1) A fully powered automatic door actuated by a push button or a motion sensor; or (2) Wired with a door bell, buzzer, chime, or other device that can be rung by a push button and emits a mechanical sound announcing one's presence.

STATUS: Did NOT come up for a vote.


HB 2344 - Concerning evacuation of adult family homes
SPONSORS: Tharinger, Harris, Hayes, Hudgins, Reeves, Macri, Jinkins, Appleton

Allows flexibility for split-level homes by removing the prohibition on nonambulatory residents of adult family homes residing above the first floor and directs the Department of Social and Health Services to establish evacuation standards for adult family homes.

STATUS: Passed the House 96-0, 2 excused.The Senate did not vote on it.

HB 2581 - Concerning the Washington achieving a better life experience program account
SPONSORS: Kilduff, Dent, Muri, Kagi

Allows the Washington Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Governing Board to choose either an investment manager or the State Investment Board to invest the money in the Washington ABLE Program Account (account). Provides the Washington ABLE Governing Board with the sole responsibility for contracting with outside firms to provide investment management for the account. Allows expenditures from the account to be used for administrative and operating expenses of the program in addition to program expenses.

STATUS: Did not pass out of fiscal committee. Senate version passed. (SB 6221, below)

SB 6221 - Concerning the Washington achieving a better life experience program account
SPONSORS: Walsh, Darneille

Makes technical changes to the Washington Achieving a Better Life Experience Program (Program) enacting statutes, and clarifies that an investment manager may invest the money collected through the Program.

STATUS: Passed the Senate 47-1, with 1 excused. Passed the House 98-0.Governor signed March 15.

SB 5447 - Concerning the methods of services provided by the office of public guardianship
SPONSORS: Conway, Keiser

Authorizes the Office of Public Guardianship to expand the program to also include supported decision-making assistance and estate administration.

STATUS: Did NOT come up for a vote.

SB 6111 - Defining "willful" in the chapter regarding abuse of vulnerable adults
SPONSORS: Wilson, Pedersen, Rivers, Keiser, Conway, Dhingra, Kuderer

Defines willful, in the abuse of vulnerable adult statutes, as a deliberateaction, regardless of intent to inflict injury or harm.

STATUS: Senate did not take it up.

HB 2343 - Defining "willful" in the chapter regarding abuse of vulnerable adults
SPONSORS: Valdez, Harris, Jinkins, Tharinger, Muri, Goodman, Pellicciotti, Reeves, Macri, Appleton, Doglio

STATUS: Passed the House, 98-0. Senate did not vote on it.

- Ramona Hattendorf, Director of Advocacy
The Arc of King County