Friday, February 16, 2018

Budget priorities we are flagging

Budget proposals are expected Monday and Tuesday, Feb. 19 and 20.

You can provide input or feedback here:


Our budget priorities

Please invest in affordable housing and supports to help those living with housing instability find safe, stable homes.
  • This includes bills like HB 1570 (Concerning access to homeless housing and assistance) and HB 2448 (Increasing the availability of housing for developmentally disabled persons). You can find other housing priorities that we support here. (The Arc of King County is a member of the Washington Low Income Housing Alliance and we sit on its policy committee.)

Please increase the multiplier for K-12 special education to 1.09 percent (up from .93 percent), as recommended by the state superintendent for public schools.
  • School district administrators have flagged special education shortfalls in the new system of school funding. Numbers for the largest districts: Seattle - $60 million short; Tacoma - $11 million short; Spokane - $10 million short; Vancouver - $4.9 million short.

Please fund the 47 people who want to move from institutions into community State Operated Living Alternatives (SOLAs).
  • This builds capacity in the community and provides choice to people who do not want to live in institutional settings.

Please fund expansion of Parent-to-Parent programs in the state to improve multicultural outreach and access in under-served regions.
  • This is an extremely low-cost way to support families caring for people with developmental disabilities.